Canadian born, Douglas has worked in the film and entertainment industry over the past 20 years as director, cameraman and editor at various stages in his career and has been in charge of crews of up to 50 people at any given time.

Douglas started his film career in the camera department, acting and editing before becoming one of Canada’s busiest music video directors winning several awards along the way. His work attracted musicians and record companies alike and Douglas soon found himself traveling the world directing in Canada, Mexico, and Britain to name a few. While continuing to hone his visual and story-telling skills Douglas studied with the likes of Atom Egoyan, Thomas Burstyn C.S.C., and acclaimed acting coaches Cameron Thor, and Judith Weston of L.A.

Through his commitment to continually hone his craft and his love of capturing “the human element” in any story he tells, Douglas became known as an actors’ Director. Multi-award winning actor Ian Tracey (DaVinci’s Inquest, Intelligence) who has over 100 credits to his name says of Douglas; “a director who has the ability to create an environment of trust to the extent that an actor is free to give his or her best performance”. Douglas is well respected by industry professionals and works as a story/script editor between his own projects helping to shepherd ideas to fruition.

Some credits include the short film “Karma Cup”, the sketch comedy pilot “Rotten to the Core” and the independent feature film “Cellmates”.

Douglas has a loyal team who believe in his vision and are committed to helping him achieve it. His mother was an amateur Welsh Opera singer, was born in and grew up in Wales, and he still has family there hence his connection to all things Welsh and his love for comedy and music!”  He is based in the U.K. but travels extensively in Europe and the world; hence, wherever the project takes him.

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